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Tips To Keep Your DBF File Safe And Damage Free!

Tips To Keep Your DBF File Safe And Damage Free!

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DBF is the file extension used for Database files created in FoxPro, FoxBASE and Visual FoxPro. Similar to other, these applications are also very susceptible to damage or corruption due to various unavoidable reasons.

The Database files may get corrupt due to media corruption, accidental deletion or removal, virus attack, bad sector in disk, hardware failure, unexpected or improper system shutdown etc. These issues can not only delete, corrupt or damage the DBF files but also hamper in normal workflow in offices.

Though you cannot stop the file from getting corrupt, you might take some precautions such as:

1. Keep Backup: Making and storing the backup helps leaps and bounds when it comes to data loss. People usually forget to make god backups of their essential data. Make backup of DBF file on hard disk or any removable device such as pen drive.

2. Create Online backup: You could email the important folder as an attachment from one email account to another. Many times, you can create an attachment and save in online drafts folder.

3. Always save the DBF file properly. There can be many instances when you complete creating a DBF file and forget to save it properly. Always, open the file right after saving to confirm that it was saved properly. Do not shut down in the middle of the save process (such as by using the Task Manager), and do not hard-boot the computer while the file is still open.

By taking care of these points, I am sure; you would not lose crucial information. Even if you do, you may recover it from some place or the other. However, what if you missed saving the file at so many locations or creating backup.

Recently, I created a very crucial DBF file in FoxPro that had to be displayed in an office presentation. While I was dealing with some last moment editions, suddenly the computer switched off. When I switched on the computer in normal mode, I realized the sudden shutdown had corrupted my DBF file. It was not only difficult but also impossible to retrieve the damaged data from corrupt DBF file.

When I researched a bit, I discovered the apt software for aforementioned recovery. Third party DBF Repair software is one such easy to use tool that repairs corrupt DBF files and recovers entire data contained in it. The software comes in trial version as well that helped me in knowing more about the features and functionalities before purchasing.

It works well with all versions of DBMS applications such as Dbase III, IV, V, VI and VII. It also supports FoxBASE, FoxPro and Sybase. In short, it is the perfect software for entire Dbase corruption issues!

Blog summary:

There can be many situations when user loses entire DBF data due to corruption or damage issues. Here are some tips that you could use and protect the file from getting lost comprehensively. However, if the file still gets corrupt and loses data, the best way to recover entire information quickly is to use Repair DBF Software. It is easy to use, proficient and perfect software to deal with all DBF issues!

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