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Repair DBF File In Database

Repair DBF File In Database

The dBase database is used extensively on multiple platforms as it serves as the backend support; for example MS Visual FoxPro. The file made by the dBase database is DBF or Database File. DBF file is a stereotype database file that is utilized for querying database for operations such as creating, altering, deleting or searching some important information.

Sometimes, these DBF files get corrupt while these perform certain operations or due to various other reasons. In cases like these, one must check if the user has the backup of the DBF file. If in case, the backup of the required DBF file is not available then one must repair the available corrupt DBF file with the help of third party Repair DBF File software.


As discussed above, DBF file might get corrupt due to a number of corruption reasons. Some of the reasons and their suggested resolutions are discussed below:

  • Malicious Virus – There are number of viruses, adware, spyware etc. that compel any of the program to work in an undesirable way and therefore, making the file corrupt. In order to resolve this issue, users often take precautionary measures such as antivirus with updated virus definitions to clean your system.
  • Dirty application shutdown – At times, you might abruptly exit Visual FoxPro, and this behavior might result in corruption of DBF file. Corruption often results after improper application shutdown as there are some critical files that are not closed during this process.
  • Incompatibility of other software – We often install some third party applications on our system that are incompatible with Visual FoxPro and this incompatibility might results in system crash or corruption of DBF file.
  • Corruptions in hard disk partition or File System – There are times when your hard disk doesn’t work properly resulting in corruption of DBF file. Run Scandisk and Disk Defragmenter to resolve these issues in the file system.
  • Bugs in the current copy of application – Visual FoxPro version often affects the database as some of its versions have some bugs that result in DBF file corruption. In cases like these, you must try to upgrade the Visual FoxPro with valid & clean update version.

The reasons mentioned above result in inaccessibility of DBF database file making the data inaccessible. Rely on Repair DBF File software in cases like these as Repair DBF File software is devised to recover data from corrupt DBF files. This read-only repair DBF file tool is highly interactive in nature that ensures easy, safe and secure DBF repair.

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