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DBF Repair Tools

DBF Repair Tools

MS Visual FoxPro is been used by many organizations for maintaining their information portal in form of an effective database. FoxPro .DBF databases serve the purpose uniquely. Alike other databases, .DBF database are also prone to corruption issues and result in hazardous data loss situations.
There is one common error one might come across when opening a DBF database-owned table saying;

“The fields in table ” ” did not match the entries in the database.”This error occurs whenever field entries in the database don’t match with their respective objects. What exactly happens is when a DBF database file table is opened; Visual FoxPro tries to confirm that each field of the table has a matching field object in the database. When the entries do not match, the error occurs.

Main reason for this error to come up is the corruption in DBF database table or in the database itself. It may also be caused by having the wrong copy of a table (.DBF) in the same directory as a parent database (.DBC).
For resolving this error issue, first of all try checking the integrity of the current database using VALIDATE DATABASE command. Open the database exclusively, and issue the VALIDATE DATABASE command from the Command window,


When a table is found to be corrupt or invalid, the VALIDATE DATABASE command gives the name of the offending table and its diagnosis. It issues the following error message – The fields in table ” did not match the entries in the database.

In case, DBF database found to be corrupt then database fails to open itself. At that time, you need to recreate the database or perform the database recovery using DBF Repair tool. Repair DBF is the best option to repair corrupt DBF database files and get back all existing data.

This DBF Repair tool repairs corrupt, damaged, or inaccessible FoxPro databases and dBase database files within minutes and in most easy manner. Free demo version of the tool shows the recovered DBF file data, thus giving you fair idea regarding the efficiency and working of software.

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